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Establishment of a Monitoring Mechanism in Germany

The Committee recommended in the Concluding Observations to the first periodic report and to the second periodic report of Germany to the Federal Government to establish an effective monitoring mechanism for the implementation of the CRC. Based on the Paris Principles the National Coalition believes that a broad based civil society monitoring mechanism with an independent monitoring body is needed.

Within the framework of its children´s rights advocacy the National Coalition has vigorously supported the recommendations of the Committee and urged the Federal Government to establish an effective monitoring mechanism. Appropriate action by the Federal Government was not taken.

How it all began

Against this background, the National Coalition tried to stimulate political initiatives in 2006 with an “Entry Model”, on 20 November 2009 with the First National Conference on the Rights of the Child , in 2011 with benchmark paper, and in 2012 with an additional brochure entitled “The Next Step” , expecting that the proposed model would be implemented in conjunction with the recommendations of the Committee. This is how the critical accompaniment of the implementation by the civil society and the independent assessment, in accordance with the Paris Principles, of the situation of children's rights in Germany should complement each other. The assistance provided by the Federal Government to support civil society monitoring by the National Coalition is explicitly recognized; the establishment of an independent monitoring mechanism is still pending.

Monitoring at the German Institute for Human Rights

The National Coalition has advocated for the establishment of a monitoring mechanism at the National Institute for Human Rights, similar to the monitoring mechanism for the Convention for the Rights of Disabled People. Therefore, the National Coalition is in favor of mandating the German Institute for Human Rights, which already provides the independent monitoring for the implementation of the CRPD, also with the independent monitoring of the implementation of the CRC.