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Local to Global: How Will We Influence Policy?

Children and young people must be partners for change if we are to realise the ambition of the new global policy framework - the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) - to eradicate poverty by 2030 and leave no one behind. All of the targets identified by the SDGs impact children - from education, to violence, to climate change. So how can we make sure children play an active role achieving them locally, nationally and internationally?

Children are already tackling many of these issues, not only ensuring that decision-makers listen to them and take them seriously but also leading initiatives with significant impact. But more children must be involved if they are to truly shape the world we live in. CATS 2016 will address this critical issue, providing space to explore how children can use their voice and influence in different settings. For that we will use the lens of ‘3Ps’: People, Planet, and Possibilities! What do people bring to the picture? How is our planet affected? How is it possible to transform society?

Join us to bring together the pieces of this puzzle, identifying how children can play an active role in creating a more just, sustainable and inclusive society.


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